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Cannabis Journeys: Sayra Small, a Cultivator Rock Star

In January, 2018, I visited Sayra Small, one of the three cultivators of Farley’s Cannabis Farm in Woolwich, Maine. I had met her in November of 2017 at the East Coast Cannabis Conference in Portland, Maine where she won second place for her cannabis. I wanted to interview an accomplished female cultivator. When I arrived at her place on January 3rd, it was a bright sunny day and the landscape—house, barn, cars, trees—was covered in a white carpet of snow from a recent storm. Sayra came outside to greet me wearing mirrored sunglasses, a plaid flannel scarf wrapped around her head, sweatpants, a tie-dye t-shirt, and flip flops. It was probably 35 degrees and she looked ready for both winter a

You have until 5pm Thursday: CCC seeking your feedback re: draft regs

This week is your last chance to submit your recommendations and ideas re: the CCC's draft regulations It's here! These are the last few days for you to submit your written and/or oral tesimony to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission in regard to their draft regulations released in December 2017. Whether you have one idea or many recommendations, don't miss this chance to speak your mind, help shape our policy, and be a part of history in the making. Upcoming Public Hearings with the CCC (click links for additional details): TUESDAY, FEB 13: Bolling Municipal Building in Roxbury, MA, 6-8:30 pm WEDNESDAY, FEB 14: Shore Community College in Danvers, MA, 2-5:00pm There's no need to at

Cannabis Journeys: Beth Dost, RN

Beth Dost’s first exposure to cannabis was during the early 1980s while working as a nurse in the Oncology department of a major medical center in Boston. Terminal patients were using cannabis, and clinical staff looked the other way because it seemed to help reduce the patient’s symptoms, especially in regards to chemo-induced nausea and weight loss. After that experience, and over the following two decades, she didn’t give cannabis much thought. “All my family is in law enforcement, so I never even considered using it.” She was also busy founding four health care start-ups and running two hospices. Then in 2012 she was laid off. That was a blessing in disguise because it brought medical ca

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