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Cannabis Journeys: Aja Atwood

I met with ELEVATE NE member Aja Atwood at her house on the Cape on a sunny, crisp day. Her house faces a beautiful view of a pond and forest. But Aja, used to the gorgeous scenery, was more excited to talk about cannabis and her agritech enterprise, Trella Technologies, LLC. We got to it. When is the first time you became aware of cannabis? “Reefer” was what my parents called it. I saw it like beer or alcohol—just a way they relaxed. In high school, I was an athlete/nerd and didn’t really get into any recreational substances. It was during my freshmen year of college that I encountered the double standard. My friends were getting wasted on alcohol but still felt insulted when someone offere

Daily Did You Know: Deadline to Submit Priority Certification Application is 4/15

Did you know if you apply for a Marijuana Establishment license in Massachusetts, and you plan to have at least 51% of your employees and sub-contractors comprised of individuals who may need a second chance because of a drug-related CORI (but are otherwise legally employable in a cannabis-related enterprise), you are literally one-step closer to being considered a priority applicant? Don’t forget, the deadline to submit an application for Economic Empowerment Priority Certification is April 15th! Get your application started here. Thank you for reading our Daily Did You Know posts leading up to the deadline! Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to keep up-to-date on all things ELEVAT

Daily Did You Know: Majority Ownership

Did you know if the majority of ownership for a Marijuana Establishment license application demonstrates significant past experience in or business practices that promote economic empowerment in areas of disproportionate impact, this in return can increase your opportunity for priority review status? Learn more about the licensing process from the Cannabis Control Commission here.

The Daily Did You Know: Workforce Development Plan Criteria

Did you know, as a Registered Marijuana Dispensary, if 51% of your employees and sub-contractors currently live in areas of disproportionate impact, and you create a workforce development plan to increase the identified percentage to 75% by the first day of business, you'll meet one of the identified Economic Empowerment qualifying criteria? Learn more tonight at the Economic Empowerment Priority Applicants Drop-In Workshop tonight in Roxbury! ELEVATE NE's cofounders TaShonda Vincent-Lee and Beth Waterfall will be on hand to help answer questions and facilitate the process. We hope to see you there!

The Daily Did You Know: Qualifying Criteria for Economic Empowerment Priority Certification

Did you know having a majority of ownership made up of individuals from Black, African American, Latino, or Hispanic descent is 1 of the 6 qualifying criteria that would grant you priority review for a Marijuana Establishment license in Massachusetts? You can visit the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission website to learn more about the Equity Provisions and how you can qualify for a Marijuana Establishment license. The deadline for Economic Empowerment Priority Applicant Certification is April 15th -- don't delay!

The Daily Did You Know: ECON Priority Applicant Deadline + CCC Workshop

Did you know the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission has begun accepting applications for Economic Empowerment Priority Applicant Certification? That’s right! If you or anyone you know meet at least 3 of the 6 identified qualification criteria for Economic Empowerment applicants, and would like to submit an application to have your future “Marijuana Establishment” license application processed via a priority status, Go Time is Now! You have until Sunday, April 15th to submit your application. Please visit the Cannabis Control Commission website to register and submit your “Economic Empowerment Priority Certification Application." Economic Empowerment Application Workshop for Cannabis E

Cannabis Journeys: Joe Gilmore and the Fight for Equity

Joe Gilmore was quick to agree to an interview. As founder and Chapter Leader of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) at UMass Boston, and Community Outreach Director of Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council (MRCC), he knows getting the word out about cannabis is most of his job. And like any good advocate, he had talking points. Nonetheless, his passion for the plant was clear. “I really love the way cannabis allows me to be more productive, and I know it can help a lot of people. I figure if I’m going to be doing something for the rest of my life, I’d like it to be in the cannabis industry.” His journey with cannabis started when he was fourteen. For a couple of summers, he went

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