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ELEVATE NE Discusses Stigma + Jobs on iHeartMedia's Blunt Talk Podcast

"You're a drug dealer now???" As a cannabis industry professional or advocate, you've no doubt been met with ignorance regarding what kinds of jobs could possibly exist for you -- nevermind your motivation for pursuing one of your own. Whether you're actually touching the plant, or creating a product for using the plant, or providing a service as an ancillary business, you know that stigma is a &!*#@. That's why ELEVATE was honored to be invited by iHeartMedia to talk on the Blunt Talk podcast about the stigma surrounding cannabis, how education can help end it, and how to get a job working in cannabis. Two of our cofounders, TaShonda Vincent-Lee and Beth Waterfall, shared their personal sto

ELEVATE Spotlights Sexual Harassment in the Cannabis Industry

If you’ve read the news at least once this past year, it’s likely you’ve seen the growing list of celebrities, politicians, and other high-powered professionals accused of sexual harassment. The #MeToo movement has empowered many people to break their silence and speak out about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault in the workplace and beyond. As a result, many business leaders are rethinking their sexual harassment policies and wondering if they’re taking the correct course of action to address these issues. The impact of the #MeToo movement has reached every business, including those in the cannabis industry. Although many companies in this space are still young, they have

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