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Wishing you a very elevated new year!

Thank you for being a part of ELEVATE Northeast Events and Education's first year! Whether you attended or sponsored our events, became a member, read our blog posts or supported the nonprofit organizations we partnered with in 2018, we hope that you enjoyed your time with us and left educated, empowered and elevated! COMING IN 2019! As we continue building the organization and creating new programs, we're excited to share some exciting new additions from ELEVATE in 2019: Brand new website with team and board details Community Conversation event series Cultivation-focused multi-week education program Events Committee Community Outreach Committee Hot Topics event series Members-only networki

URGENT: HCA Conflict in New Bedford

Certified Economic Empowerment applicant Whisk and Jane, LLC, is requesting an immediate repeal of the decision to deny their zoning request to establish a premier recreational cannabis multi-purpose facility at 161 Popes Island, New Bedford, MA. Show your support and stand for Whisk and Jane, LLC at the town meeting this Wednesday! Location: New Bedford City Hall Date: December 19, 2018 Time: 7:00 PM W&J proprietor Ericca Kennedy said: "We believe the zoning ordinance established by the New Bedford City Council will impose an unnecessary hardship on our ability to open and operate a sustainable business (in a high volume area)." About the author Christine Giraud, a writer in Boston, is fas

ELEVATE Board Member Tito Jackson Speaks on Social Equity and Social Consumption at Pioneer Valley C

On December 4th, two cannabis-focused panels on social equity and social consumption were held back-to-back at the Thomas Sullivan Banquet Hall in Springfield, Massachusetts. The event was hosted by Boston Bud Factory, Café Vert, and Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council. Legendary cannabis activist Dick Evans kicked off the night by congratulating the crowd on coming this far from prohibition. He highlighted the importance of social consumption and criticized the pushback it has received, but also stressed that it’s an evolving scene. “Public opinion changes everyday. Whatever rules we make now could have a very short shelf life.” Author Ezra Parzybok introduced the Social Equity pane

C'mon Farm Bill! Big Hemp News Expected This Week

Hemp as an industry is poised to explode as legislators get ready to pass the 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill is a bill that bundles together a variety of legislation dealing with farming, agriculture, and food. This bill expires and is re-proposed, debated, updated, and passed every five years or so. Our current version of the Farm Bill was passed in 2014, and the updated version could be voted on as early as next week. Updates in the 2018 Farm Bill include legislation regarding SNAP benefits, crop insurance, and the Conservation Reserve program, which gives incentive to farmers who remove environmentally sensitive land from production. Packaged along with all of this is the reclassification

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